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Every year in Virginia is an election year. During each election cycle, Voices helps communicate to the general public where candidates stand on children’s issues. To maintain our nonprofit and nonpartisan status, we always engage with all candidates in the field and share information in the candidates’ own words. Voices does not endorse candidates.

In 2017, Virginians will elect a new governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general. In addition, all 100 seats in the House of Delegates will be voted on. To find out more about candidates and who currently represents you, please visit our partners at the Virginia Public Access Project.

The Future of Virginia Starts Today: 2017 Election Guide

The Future of Virginia Starts: Today 2017 Election Guide is a powerful tool that can be used by organizations and individuals for voter education and advocacy. It features several elements that provide talking points, data and useful information on the issues that affect Virginia’s children the most.

Part 1: Report- Economic Success Depends on Children’s Economic Security

The first component is our report on the well-being of Virginia’s children highlighting demographic shifts and economic indicators at the state and local levels.

Report: The Future of Virginia Starts Today: Economic Success Depends on Children’s Economic Security

Part 2: 8 One-Page Infographics and Questions for Candidates by Topic

The remaining components are 8 one-page “cheat sheets” with infographics and questions for candidates. Each of these documents features infographics with statistics and a brief introduction related to the issue. The back page of these documents includes several questions that can be posed in a variety of interactions with candidates such as forums, fundraising events, and door-to-door campaigning.

Cheat Sheets with Infographics & Questions

Resources for Using the Election Guide

  • Users Guide Webinar Recording– View our 12 minute pre-recorded webinar for ideas and tips for using the election guide as a nonprofit organization or individual.
  • Users Guide Document– Download tips for using the election guide.
  • Social Media Resources– View sample tweets and images to promote the election guide.
  • Source Guide– Find all the sources for the data and questions included on each cheat sheet.

* To access the entirety of the 2017 Election Guide files in one place, please click here.