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Kids Count Ambassadors

The Kids Count Ambassadors (KCA) is a group of early to mid-career professionals within the state of Virginia serving as ambassadors for Voices for Virginia’s Children. They strive to educate the upcoming generation about the mission of Voices and its advocacy, as well as involve and cultivate emerging community leaders with an affinity for philanthropic opportunity.

The KCA aims to accomplish these goals by:

  • Hosting social and networking events
  • Engaging in roundtable discussions and meetings
  • Engaging in community outreach
  • Serving on event committees


To become a member of the KCA, you must have a strong philanthropic mindset, be able to serve on select committees, have a sincere interest in child advocacy, and live/work in the state of Virginia.

Benefits of Membership

Becoming a member of the KCA not only offers great networking opportunities with other professionals in Virginia, but it also stewards individuals who are passionate about being active and philanthropic members of their community. Membership develops and builds a necessary skill set for individuals striving to become active board members at different organizations.


All members of the KCA will receive training as if they were board members. Each individual will receive a KCA manual highlighting all information related to Voices for Virginia’s Children, contact information for each member, responsibilities, policies, and an outline of events.

Each individual member will meet with Voices’ Executive Director and Director of Development to go over the manual. Once the meeting takes place, the individual will sign a form showing he or she has received the manual and accepts the responsibilities of the KCA.

Fundraising Events

Events are an important way of introducing new individuals to an organization. Each KCA member will be responsible for serving on an event committee. The members of the KCA will also be organizing at least one other event. These events can include, but are not limited to:

  • Brewery/Happy Hour event
  • Walk/Run
  • Bowling, cornhole, or other tournaments
  • Golfing outings
  • Holiday parties
  • Concerts
  • Movie nights
  • Silent/Live/Online auction

The KCA members will be responsible for the designing, budgeting, and execution of the event. The Annual Fund Director and Administrative Assistant of Voices will provide support and guidance throughout the event planning and executing process.

Structure of Governance

Brand Ambassadors

The Brand Ambassadors will act as the leadership group of the KCA. This group will consist of 5-8 people and lead/govern the members of the KCA. They will be instrumental in the areas of: recruitment, social media awareness, committees, and events, as well as serving as representative advocates within the community. The Brand Ambassadors must agree to the following:

  • Quarterly meetings: These meetings will focus on recruitment, events, fundraising, and advocacy outreach. Meetings should be no longer than one hour and will take place out of office.
  • Making Kids Count Awards Reception committee member: Brand Ambassadors will serve on the MKCAR committee to help secure sponsorships, as well as assist in getting people to attend.
  • Social Media Feeds: When necessary, share, like, tweet, etc., important issues pertaining to Voices through their social media platforms.
  • Recruitment: Assist in the recruitment of KCA members through networking/recruitment events held throughout the year.
  • Lead the members of the KCA by assisting in the design and implementation of one event outside of the MKCAR.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Kids Count Ambassadors, please contact Michael Brown at [email protected] or 804-649-0184, ext. 22.